Maintaining a Healthy, Green Pasture

Green is Beautiful

A well-kept pasture is beautiful, but pasture owners need to properly maintain their pasture to keep it looking beautiful and green.

Mow Regularly

Mowing a pasture keeps the grass at a desired length. This help makes the pasture thicker, and discourages weeds from growing.

Spread Manure Properly

Harrowing manure piles makes it easier spread manure over the pasture. By doing this, plants are not smothered and can make better use of the nutrients.

Remove Unwanted Trees and Bushes

Sometimes, trees and bushes grow in undesirable locations. Removing these unwanted plants allow owners to better utilize their acres of land.

Properly maintaining a pasture needs the right tools. A Vcutter is one of these tools that a pasture owner should possess. Purchase a Vcutter from VT Fabrication to remove unwanted trees and plants found on your pasture.

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The Dangers that Accompany Tall Trees


Trees Are Glorious, But Can Also Be Dangerous

On large acres of property or land, it’s common to find trees growing. These natural wonders make for greater scenery and have their benefits to humans, but at the same time, can be dangerous, especially the tall ones.

Fallen Trees Can Damage Homes

Trees grow tall and strong, but they can fall victim to disasters such as tornadoes or hurricanes. These disasters can uproot trees, either propelling them into nearby buildings, or falling on top of a nearby house, causing extensive damage.

Threat of Falling Objects

Trees have branches that sometime break off and fall to the ground. Also, some birds carry items to their nests that may accidentally plummet to the ground. On taller trees, these hazards are harder to detect, and may injury someone as they walk or relax under the tree.

Nothing is wrong with having trees, but do keep in mind the taller ones do possess some hazards. If you want to remove trees from your property, purchase a V Cutter from VT Fabrication.


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